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This is a story that should not be forgotten.

This documentary sheds light on an almost forgotten set of people who were being held captive in Afghanistan when the United States exacted revenge on the terrorist-sympathizing Taliban.


In August 2001, twenty-four anonymous people from Shelter Now International Aid were suddenly thrust upon the world’s stage under blindfolds and the threat of sudden death…

Their story of extreme faith and God¹s unyielding protection was buried in the rubble of September 11th until now.

(Executive produced by Dove and Grammy award winning producer/artist Michael W. Smith. Directed by Ben Pearson and narrated by Jim Caviezel (The Passion of the Christ, Déjà vu, Conte of Monte Cristo). In the summer of 2001 the Taliban strategically captured 24 Shelter Now International Aid hostages that captured the attention of the world for more than three months. With representatives from the United States, Australia, Germany and Afghanistan, the Taliban set out to create an insurance policy against the pending attacks of September 11th. What transpired through their story was an overwhelming journey of faith, grace and endurance.

Based on the true story as told by the captives, Kabul 24 captures the gantlet of their 105 days in captivity and the cruel treatment of the Muslim co-workers at the hands of the Taliban who accused them of converting to Christianity. Revisit their journey from the grueling interrogation to their sham “trial” before the Taliban Supreme Court, to the dangers endured during the bombing of Kabul and a crushing sense that the world had abandoned them. Come experience their journey of faith and deliverance. Can their story inspire you to have extreme faith in extreme circumstances?



Top Amazon Customer Reviews

The DVD is available on Amazon. Narrated by Jim Caviezel the documentary is approximately 89 minutes.

***** Alan F. Bradley
true-life suspense story, grippingly well-told...
January 31, 2010
Format: DVD|Verified Purchase
"Kabul-24 is filmmaker Ben Pearson's penetrating look at the unwarranted and terrifying intrusion of the Taliban into the lives of a small group of Christian aid workers in 2001. The film's special focus is on an international team of eight 'Shelter Now' volunteers in Afghanistan, two of whom were Americans, all of whom for no apparent justification were imprisoned for 105 desperate days till, finally, through answered prayer and behind the scenes maneuvering, they were rescued by American Special Forces. Pearson's sensitive and thorough unfolding of the story kept me on the edge of my seat cushion all the way through. One of the things that really grabbed me - without spoiling it for anyone - was the reveal of exactly why the Taliban swooped in with their loaded Kalashnikovs and grabbed the workers and the timing of it. There was a diabolical method to their madness. Pearson's storytelling is evenly paced and suspenseful; nothing crucial to the sequence of events is left out. The visuals and soundtrack are top-notch, interwoven with interviews of the former captives, other key characters, and the excellent narration of Jim Caviezel ("The Passion of the Christ"). This film is, and I believe will probably always be, THE definitive media revelation of what really happened during those fateful days to those brave " Kabul 24." At the end of Pearson's film, my faith in God and in his ultimate wise purposes was wonderfully affirmed. A must see!"


***** dusty robinson
March 12, 2014
Format: DVD|Verified Purchase
Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful are the only words I know to describe this movie. I read the book once a year and the movie did it justice.


*** Susan Kerr
starsmissions vs treason
February 6, 2011
Format: DVD|Verified Purchase
I am conflicted - I see the good intention of Christian people to reach to the muslim world with faith in Christ which is mandated by Christ our Lord and yet we are told to obey the laws of our land .. When they are told by the government to leave they aught to leave ... I am not certain how I feel about this film....


***** Stevocon
January 6, 2010
Format: DVD
This tells a story that was huge news in America for a short period of time right around September 11th, 2001. In the States, we learned of the 2 Americans involved in this hostage situation by the names of Heather Mercer and Dayna Curry. As is want to do in most stories of this magnitude, the backstory is far more compelling than what we're shown on the evening news and the chat shows. I think most people would be shocked to realize that there were a whole group of hostages from a few different countries around the world. There were even many Afghanis that were initially imprisoned as well.

The writers did a great job tying together how this incident was strategically planned by Al Qaeda well in advance and what had seemed like a loosely related, almost coincidental event to the larger terrorist attacks in the US wasn't coincidental at all. I'm very happy that this larger story than most Americans had been aware has been told and is now cemented in history for all who are interested to learn about it. Since this area of the world is still such a fluid situation that will impact us for a very long time, it's worth picking this up for continued education purposes.

The production value is extremely well done. The editing, writing, cinematography and direction is excellent. The story was engrossing and the presentation was straightforward with very creative use of effects without cheesy re-enactments. It's the real people revisiting the actual places and telling it straight from their hearts. Well done. I'd recommend it very highly for all audiences.

However, take some advice I learned the hard way. Do not leave a glass of red wine unattended on a side table when your cat and dog decide it will be great fun to have a game of "catch me if you can" I was so focused on the film that I was totally unaware that Teebo, my black Bamboo cat had instigated a chase game with Gabbe, my Norfolk terrier until my wine glass and plate of fruit and cheese went flying off the side table, landing with a sickening splash of red wine on an antique carpet. I switched off the dvd, ran for a towel to soak up as much of the wine as possible, shooed the cat and dog away from the cheese, and then did a frantic seach for best antique carpet cleaner Brooklyn local. The first search result that looked promising was called Sunlight Fine Rug Care & Restoration. I chose them since they emphasized their expertise in wool, silk, oriental, Persian, Pakistani, Kilim, shag, antique, contemporary or Turkish rugs, plus they offered a free estimate on site, pickup & delivery. I did finish the movie that night after banishing the animals from my study. I definitely needed another glass of wine. Just as I highly recommend Kabul 24, I also recommend Sunlight. They certainly delivered. You would never know that my antique rug had suffered a major wine spill.


The paperback and kindle version of the story is also available.

Kabul 24: The Story of a Taliban Kidnapping and Unwavering Faith in the Face of True Terror
by Ben Pearson & Henry O. Arnold

You can't kidnap someone's hope.

They were teachers, engineers, nurses, students, and artists from around the world who answered God's call to help Afghan refugees rebuild their lives following decades of war. But as international tensions reached inferno levels in 2001, extremists set out to rid Afghanistan of anyone who posed a threat to Islam and the influence of the Taliban.

The Shelter Now International (SNI) humanitarian effort led by Christians from Western countries topped the Taliban's list.

Kabul 24 is the story you didn't see on CNN. It's the story of the human heartbeats behind the headlines that captivated the world during one of the most volatile political windows in rencent history. Relive the harrowing, true account of how eight humanitarian aid workers imprisoned behind enemy lines would survive and even thrive in the midst of betrayal, inhumane conditions, and the massive Allied bombing raids?conducted by their own countries?following the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

From peacemakers to pawns in a story of political and religious turmoil, the eight would individually and collectively discover a level of hope that would free them from captivity long before their dramatic rescue by American Special Forces 105 days after their abduction.


***** Moderate Risk
Faith in the face of, well, Faith
November 23, 2010
Format: Paperback|
Kabul 24 is a rare glimpse into life with the Taliban at the time United States forces prepared to invade Afghanistan. This is the story of the Shelter Now International hostages. How they survived without being executed is a miracle in and of itself but since they did survive we can learn a great deal about fundamentalist Islam and its view of Christians. I cannot even imagine having to live under these conditions.

Aside from the hostage crisis, Kabul 24 gives a glimpse into the politics of the Taliban and the culture that led to the September 11 attacks. This is a strange world where religiously conservative Islam, while calling Christians evil, bypasses any sense of integrity. The charges are trumped up and people who say "the emperor has no clothes" disappear into the night. It is interesting to note that these hostages got by because many Afghans did have the love of God in their hearts and knew evil when they saw it. They lived because Afghans risked their lives to protect them.

This book, although difficult to endure in places because of the seeming lack of light at the end of the tunnel, is truly a demonstration of how a strong faith can get you through anything. Anyone who lives in a free country and reads this will appreciate what they have. Kabul 24 is also a potent warning that no religion should ever take hold of a country and control it. It was the mutual respect between two different religions that made life tolerable for the hostages and allowed them to tell their story. Kabul 24 is both a triumph of human spirit and faith and a warning against faith that loses love.


***** Centriculous
Gripping, well-told account of a real-life hostage ordeal. A+++
January 3, 2010
Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
QUICK SUMMARY: In this book, the authors give a gripping account of a situation in Kabul that took place beginning just before, and then after, America's 9/11 tragedy. If this were a fictional story, the story itself would still merit 5-stars, but that this is a TRUE STORY makes it utterly amazing. HIGHLY recommended!

You don't *have* to be a Christian to enjoy this book, but if you are a Christian, you'll absolutely love it. Anyone can appreciate the sense of caving in, fear, and, ultimately, excitement at the rescue attempt of the eight Westerners who were held hostage for over 100 days in Afghanistan in 2001. The book isn't preachy and doesn't offer religious platitudes, rather, it gives an exciting, personal account of what it's like to be a hostage in a foreign country.

I appreciated that the descriptions in the book were not overly graphic and definitely not sensationalistic, but they were sufficient to give the reader a true sense of the horrific conditions endured by those in captivity. I rarely find a book that I start to read that is hard to put down, but this was a book that I found hard to put down, and one I looked forward to picking back up to read when I got the chance. The storytelling was very smooth and the book flowed effortlessly from one scene to another.

I also got a much broader view of the world by reading this book. I never could have imagined that anyone associated with the Taliban could be anything other than evil, yet some members of the Taliban were instrumental to the well-being and safety of the hostages. This book gave a very personal, unvarnished look of Afghanis both within and outside of the governing Taliban, some of whom were loathsome, and some of whom were strangely compassionate, even in small, simple ways.

The book has an exciting climax! You'll be hard-pressed to not read the last 50 pages or so in more than one sitting.

I rarely am this enthusiastic over a book I read, but I can whole-heartedly recommend this book to you, whether or not you're a Christian.



*** Jeffrey A. Veyera
Perils of Missionary Work
September 26, 2010
Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Imagine a scenario where you're a Christian missionary working in a very hostile Afghanistan under the Taliban. You've been captured by a band of headchoppers and limbloppers and 9/11 just happened. Is there a worse situation to be in?

The missionaries of "Kabul 24" faced this very circumstance. What is so interesting is that they managed to emerge from it relatively unscathed and with honor intact, having been used neither as negotiating aids, propaganda material, nor targets for vengeance by enraged Islamists.

A compelling story, surely.

Yet the account is not so compelling.

We surely are grateful that these folks are safe and sound. We surely respect them for their faith and their fortitude. And yet the book itself lacks the drama of, say, a "Bat 21". It's told in a very matter-of-fact manner, but the prisoners themselves had limited awareness of their surroundings and their captors remain largely ciphers.

There doesn't seem to have been much in the way of Stockholm Syndrome in play here, thankfully, but neither do we get a sense of how truly nasty the Taliban are. You'll have to rely on your own knowledge of that to color in the background.

As such, the book itself doesn't really work. It's like being told the story of the Battle of the Bulge by a mess hall private possessed of mild Germanophilia captured on the first day and kept relatively safe from harm. Sure, there's a certain visceral interest in the protagonist's plight but the whole affair remains rather gauzy. Perhaps this is because the missionaries would like to go back and know more than they tell. Perhaps it is because they were simply so fortunate not much really went on.

It will take other books on the subject to really know for sure.



There is also an e-version of the book:

This is a captivating book that reads like an intriguing action novel. From a set-up betrayal to imprisonment as hostages of the Taliban to final rescue by American forces the book witnessses to a strength of spirit in the face of duress. Through it all when fear could have overcome them, faith in the unseen God and in His promises did not disappoint. It is truly marvelous how their prayers were answered and how God provided a '' angel'' who befriended them and that not one person, lost their lives to rescue them. This is a must read. 





Q:        How long is the DVD presentation?
A:         The DVD is 89 minutes with additional outtakes in the bonus area.
Q:        What languages are available on the DVD?
A:         The DVD comes in English, but also includes segments in Pashto and Dari (with English subtitles on the screen)
Q:        What region code is this DVD in?
A:         The DVD is in Region All or Region 0 so it should play on most current DVD players around the world.
Q:        Can I show the DVD at my church or at a gathering to help share it with others?
A:         Yes, but please contact us at Info@Kabul24.com to get the necessary permissions and requirements for the airing.
Q:        Do you have any other information about Shelter Now Ministries which is featured in the film?
A:         Yes you can visit them at www.shelter-now.org